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The Prodigy

Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, a humble pleb. Although a competent warrior and tactician and a scholar of great generals, destined to be a general himself. His greatest ambition, stand side-by-side with the unfearing, ruthless consul, Gaius Julius Caesar. The year was 74 B.C and Agrippa had worked his way up the ranks, he was now a lieutenant, he was in the race to become the Right-hand man of Caesar. It was high stakes as Agrippa knew Caesar was planning to invade the Gauls next summer. Agrippa was also the Tribune of the plebs, which meant he had access to the Senate. The senate was filled with powerful and influential Romans. Take Crassus, the richest man in the Roman Empire. Mark Anthony, the genius of the battlefield. In the back of the senate, there sat a young man talking to one of the opposing side to Caesar. Agrippa walked up to them and intervened “what foul thoughts are you putting in this boy’s’ head?” It’s fine, really the young man said. The young man had brown hair and a remarkably clean-shaven face. No dirt on his white Toga. Quite opposite to himself with his rough beard and scared face, Agrippa had a big scar going from under his right eye down over the right side of his lip. “What’s your name, boy” Agrippa demanded. “Marcus, sir” Agrippa looked over at the old man, the man nodded. At that moment, Agrippa knew who he was talking to. It was the prodigy of Mark Anthony. There are rumors saying he is the brain behind Anthony’s recent victories. The romans weren’t especially known for using their cavalry to full effect and neither was Anthony’s record, but recently his tactics have all changed and the battles has become quicker and less men have fallen. They’re calling it “the hammer and anvil” the invention of Alexander the great but has never been recreated in the way Mark had been doing it recently. It is out of character, it’s only after his prodigy, Marcus joined his ranks when the hammer and anvil technique were put into use among with other unheard of tactics. Agrippa knew the rumors would have to be true, with a long history with Anthony he knew it wasn’t him. Agrippa bent down and whispered in Marcus’ ear complementing him with his accomplishments. Marcus looked back at him with a confused look, but Agrippa saw a small smug smirk building slowly on Marcus’ face. Agrippa winked, turned around and walked to Mark Anthony. “Hey, Anthony. Congratulations on your recent victories, simply brilliant” Anthony chuckled. “Oh yeah.. eh thank you”